mouse (mouse2562) wrote in trans_psych,

gender therapist?

Anyone know how to find a good gender therapist without just going through the phone book listing of therapists and asking if they know anything about trans patients?
I tried looking online- the transitional male and such sites- but could only find one for my city.
I saw another entry several places, but no one had any contact info except that they were in Texas somewhere.
This is the one without contact info:
Dr Carpenter, D.O.
Dr Michael Noss, D.O.
Denise Morris Executive Director
Offering complete, cost-effective service for the gender community. Serving gender dysphoric people, TVs, TSs, and the gender curious.
Services include: Psychiatric evaluation, Gender Dysphoria counseling, endocrine treatment (hormones), individual and family counseling, pre- and post-op physical exams, full medical treatment, complete laboratory services, surgical referrals & legal liaisons.

Anyone have any ideas or know of anyone in the San Antonio, Texas area?
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