Gonzicle (gonzicle) wrote in trans_psych,


hey i saw a link to this community on the general ftm community made by knoah & thought it might be good to join. 

so, uh, hi. my name is aylen. i'm a trans-identified guy who is pre-t and everything else. i'm currently trying to get treatment for some as-of-yet undiagnosed mental health issues that includes anxiety, occasionally hearing voices & seeing hallucinations, general unpredictability & this feeling that everything is pretty much meaningless & doesn't really matter. Tentatively I've sort of diagnosed myself as bipolar with psychotic tendencies, but well, I guess we'll see. And I totally can relate to the post that was made wondering about mental illness that can relate to gender dysphoria, because I have a lot of the symptoms of borderline personality disorder, too.

Oy, enough of that depressing story. Anyway, hi.
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