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trans_psych's Journal
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Monday, February 26th, 2007

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new to here
so im new to here, but im wondering if anyone else by chance has BiPolar and or Borderline personality disorder, and if so, how it T effects it, any help would be great
I'm not sure if I am going to say any of this right, but the first time I went to a psychologist who specializes in trans issues, she said that you have to go through 2 years of therapy before you can start T. Alright, fine, I understand that, but she also said it's to make sure the person doesn't have any mental disorders that would hinder the process. I saw her almost a month ago and haven't gone back because I am kind of confused about the whole thing. I have to fill out paper work about my background, and 4 years ago I was in a "mental institution" for 22 days, and had therapy for a year after that. I was branded with a few different psychological disorders such as bipolar, severe depression, borderline disorder, etc. etc. I really don't recall the rest. The only time I took meds was in the hospital. Besides that, I'm sure any doctor who saw me now, would agree that I am 110% percent better, and basically "free" of any my past issues. So, my question is, if you have a PAST of mental disorders, does that slow down the process of being able to start T?


hey i saw a link to this community on the general ftm community made by knoah & thought it might be good to join. 

so, uh, hi. my name is aylen. i'm a trans-identified guy who is pre-t and everything else. i'm currently trying to get treatment for some as-of-yet undiagnosed mental health issues that includes anxiety, occasionally hearing voices & seeing hallucinations, general unpredictability & this feeling that everything is pretty much meaningless & doesn't really matter. Tentatively I've sort of diagnosed myself as bipolar with psychotic tendencies, but well, I guess we'll see. And I totally can relate to the post that was made wondering about mental illness that can relate to gender dysphoria, because I have a lot of the symptoms of borderline personality disorder, too.

Oy, enough of that depressing story. Anyway, hi.
The recent questions about issues having to do with mental imbalances and the process of transition made me wonder- what do ya'll think about how such disorders affect or have affected your awareness of being trans, or even gender variant in some way?
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By the way, hi. I've been observing for awhile, just starting to come out of my shell and want to talk.

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