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trans_psych's Journal
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Wednesday, December 13th, 2006

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hi folks, i just posted on crazy_academics about how i'm thinking about potential accomodations at school and am wondering if folks have advice - if you're interested, please head over here.

this post is for that, and also as an introduction. i'm a lot of things, but specifically relevent to here, i'm genderqueer and agoraphobic and depressive. my primary partner is also trans, and he has his own mental health stuff, but he's... not as crazy as i am. :D my preferred pronouns are "they" or "puck."

we just moved to san francisco, and getting out of the house is even trickier what with not knowing anyone. i haven't found any community organizations where i feel like i'll be welcome, and so i've been pretty much just (not) going to school.


hi. i'm puck. this was not a useful post, i think.

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