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trans_psych's Journal
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Saturday, October 28th, 2006

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i'm alex and have suffered from a depression and anxiety disorder since i was 13. i didn't discovered i had GAD (generalized anxiety disorder} until about 4 years ago. i am on lexapro and buspar. i have done well for the past couple of months but had a panic attack when i was supposed to start a retail job today. i opted to take another job where i do data entry in a warehouse and don't have to deal with the public. i have only had success working slacker jobs that don't pay shit in the past few years. aka jobs with VERY low stress and expectations.
i am wondering if there are other people with depression and/or anxiety disorders or similiar that has effected their working. and what kind of jobs have you been able to handle and keep?
Hi, there.
Hello, everybody! I'm Zoni. I'm an Asperger's and schizophrenic genderqueer. Nice to see that there's a community out there for other people.
I'm Bram, a pre everything ftm. I was diagnosed as bipolar when I was eight, but my Dad thought the guy was a quack and never got me any treatment for it. I was diagnosed as bipolar again two years ago when I was twenty, because I freaked out at work one day and dissapeared for a week. I still haven't recieved any kind of treatment, because I have no insurance and that's how it goes. The main reason that I haven't gotten treatment for bipolar disorder or started medical transition is because I can't hold a job for long enough to afford either one or get put on insurance at work. I've only held retail and food service jobs, because I only have one year of college so far and huge gaps in my employment history, but I'm currently trying to get a job as a janitor for a school. I think I might be able to hold that one better since there is no customer service involved.

Sorry that was a kind of look at my life story introduction. I'm not in a good mood, because I almost quit my job last night and I still really want to today. I need this job.
Hello. My name is rylee and im a pre-op ftm. I suffer from manic depression, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, trichotillomania, compulsive skin picking (CSP), and gender identity disorder but thats technical term that is obvious since this is a trans community. lol.. im not diagnosed as of yet but i also have mild schizophrenia, and tourettes. im a hand full hahaha..

alright. well i look forward to meeting you all.

I'm Barrie, pre-everything FTM. I was very, very recently diagnosed with both ADD and OCD. I also have suffered from depression for a good 15 of 18 years of my life. I have TTM and probably some kind of social anxiety disorder. I've only just recently found the only decent psychologist I've ever seen and of course my insurance ran out, so I have to wait 'til next year to see him again unless I can somehow make a whole pile of money...which is not happening.

Anywho, hi.
New Guy
Hey Im Zackary (you can call me Zac) Im a 17y/o pre everything FtM. Has far as I know I have depression with suicidal tendencys self-injury and anxity. From what I can tell I think I may also have Bipolar but Ill never know since mental health people scare me. Anyway yea thats me. Dosnt seem like it now but Im a pretty fucked up guy and Im ok with that even though it sucks and keeps me from having friends or relationships.  Hmm well yea Thats me, Im off to doodle on my bedroom wall cause im way bored.


Current Mood: amused
Hi, I'm Kylie and I'm a 22 yo pre- everything mtf... been Diagnosed severe social Anxitety, a dissociative something or other,(on top of the Gender dysphoria) and was diagnosed at 13 (except the gender dysphoria, that was 2 years ago). I haven't been on meds in like four years I just avoid people. the dissociative episodes are pretty severe but they are so far betwwen that its kinda pointless to take meds for it. um, yeah...much any questions?

I kinda suck on intros so feel free to ask questions.

edit-- I forgots to add the PTSD (where the dissociations stem from) and something like insomnis only I don't lack function with lack of sleep...I don't think that they have a word yet for creatures like me! ha! but yeah.... forgot the PTSD thing thing.


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