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hello everyone, i am jymi. i have c-ptsd. i had a severe nervous breakdown a few years ago and i survived it and came out of it all much stronger.

this is an introduction video to my new youtube page, by my co-host of the page, mikele. i designed the background using my art and the user pic is one of my paintings. i have made a couple of playlists so far. one is of gender related songs, and the other is videos by trans musicians, poets and comedians.

the name of our page is t-hope. the youtube name is HopeForT. the idea is to give hope to trans and gender non conforming people who have lost hope.

i plan to make a playlist of songs that give hope, as well as maybe some funny videos for people to just let go of their pain for a minute and laugh. we are also trying to do vlogs, like this one and maybe other stuff. any suggestions are welcome. please make the suggestions on the youtube page, as i do not receive replies directly from lj anymore. check it out and subscribe if you are interested. peace

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