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Argh, meds

Hello all.

So it seems we're in agreement that this community is kinda dead, so let's get to know each other.  

I joined trans_psych not because I am trans, but because I am queer, a survivor, a fan of all queer and trans folks, and I'm re-evaluating how I identify.  Basically, genderqueer is a whole new concept for me and something that ressonates... but I'm not sure how yet.

Anyhoo, before I came out to myself I had some deep dark times which was treated by my family doctor with anti-depressants - a horrible experience which has made me swear off meds completely.  (Who knew that Zoloft could cause so much damage?)  I only came to terms with being a survivor in my mid twenties, and dealt with PTSD, flashbacks, body memories etc.  One of my gf's was bipolar, and while dating her I realized I have the same manifestations of hypomania, it was just never severe enough to cause me to not show up at work long enough to get fired, so I'd never sought medical help and I'm honestly afraid to because I know they're going to throw meds at me.  The ups are fantastic, but the downs are pretty crushing, and it seems to synch up with SADD which was really brutal this year.  

So if you'd like to share, I have some questions:

Does anyone else here experience hypomania?  How do you deal with the highs without making too many rash decisions?  How do you get through the lows?

What are your experiences with meds?  Have you found anything that's worked?  Has it improved the quality of your life or does it merely make continued living possible?

Has anyone found natural alternatives to have any effect?  I've been considering St. John's Wort to take the edge off the down times.  I don't particularly want to take the edge off the up times but I find I get really spendy and then regret it later.  

I cope during the worst of the down time by taking two weeks off to help me rejuvinate.  It helps, but it feels like a waste of vacation - taking two weeks off just so I can cope with the six weeks before Spring.

Thought?  Suggestions?  Anyone else like to share?  (Should I have started this thread with "Hi my name is Flyingdogs and I'm a ......  well, I don't kow how to finish that sentance anyway.  :)
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